::: library ::: Python Imaging Library Handbook (2003 Edition)

Python Imaging Library Handbook (2003 Edition)

This is the PIL handbook, published September 17, 2003. This edition covers PIL 1.1.4, and also includes some 1.1.5 additions.

Part I. Introduction


Part II. Module Reference

The Image Module
The ImageChops Module
The ImageColor Module
The ImageDraw Module
The ImageEnhance Module
The ImageFile Module
The ImageFileIO Module
The ImageFilter Module
The ImageFont Module
The ImageGrab Module
The ImageOps Module
The ImagePath Module
The ImagePalette Module
The ImageSequence Module
The ImageStat Module
The ImageTk Module
The ImageWin Module
The PSDraw Module

The ImageCrackCode Module (PIL Plus)
The ImageMath Module (PIL Plus)

Part III. Tools Reference

The pildriver Script
The pilconvert Script
The pilfile Script
The pilfont Script
The pilprint Script


Software License
Image File Formats
Writing Your Own File Decoder